Free Assessment for pest control and cleaning services in London, UK

Free Assessment for pest control and cleaning services in London, UK

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Pest Control Services

Glengall Pest Control is a registered company that offers pest control in London, UK. Glengall Pest control offers free assessment for all services in order to get a quote. Our services includeAnimal and pest proofing, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas or mites, hornets and wasps, inspection, nest removal, rodent, disinfecting and extermination services, birds and pigeon control, and electric fly control e.t.c.

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Pest Control Services

Inspection, monitoring, treatment, trapping, and exclusion

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Animal and pest control

Pest control helps to protect the environment, keeps our food safe, and protects us from diseases

cockroaches elimination


Cockroaches elimination in homes and apartments using aerosol sprays, baits, powders and dusts

fleas and mites control london uk

Fleas or mites

Get complete chemical and heat treatment protection against fleas, flies, and mites

gg pest control rodents london uk


Trapping eliminates rodents from your property and exclusion prevents access to your property

Birds and pigeon control nest removal london uk

Birds and pigeon proofing

We use proactive deterrent methods that will cause these birds to roost elsewhere.

pest disinfecting and extermination services

Disinfecting and extermination services

Disinfection kills or inactivates bacteria and viruses on surfaces

Pest control inspection london uk

Pest control inspection

Pest control inspection includes both inside and outside inspection of the structure.

glengall birds pigeons control nest removal london uk

Nest removal

Safely removing (inactive) bird nests with no eggs in them and avoiding birds creating nests

gg pest control killing bed bugs

Bed bugs

Removal of bed bugs hiding on bed mattress seams, box springs, bed frames,  and headboards

glengall Electric fly control london uk

Electric fly control

Electronic fly killer traps mosquitos, repellent, insect killer at home, office and outdoor camping

glengall pest control Hornets and wasps nest removal

Hornets and wasps

Hornets and wasp nest removal, covering & treating holes and wasp-repellent plants

glengall pest control Stored products insects

Stored products insects

Stored products insects treatment with heat treatment, chemical treatment, and freeze treatment

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